Intro to Qigong 8 Week Series

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This purchase is for the ENTIRE 8 WEEK SERIES. Payment can also be made in class via cash, Venmo or Zelle, if you prefer.

Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm at Blissful Energy, 240 S. Wickham, Melbourne Sept 22-Nov 10.

Learn an entire qigong system including theory and practices. Series price includes access to videos of the lessons and copies of all printed hand outs of theory and practices so you have everything needed to utilize this system. Each level of practice has two sessions to create more thorough understanding of theory and techniques. It is recommended to attend ALL sessions for maximum benefit and understanding. We explore the Supreme Science Qigong System as follows:

Level 1 Practice is a 5-part qi gong practice to develop a relationship with internal chi/energy, store energy in the 3 Dan Tiens, fortify the lungs and respiratory system, cleanse & to tonify lower body chi, understand feeling chi, learn to send chi out of the hands, develop slower breath rhythm.

Level 2 Practice is a more complex practice divided into 4 parts that include Full Body Cleansing with Cosmic Chi, Drawing the Bow, Drawing Down Cosmic Chi into the Upper Dan Tien and the 9 Breath Method-monk style.

Level 3 Practice is Wuji and everyone’s favorite: Wuji Walking including the 7 basic Wuji Walking movements

Qigong for Strength Training bumps it up a notch now with knowledge of chi/energy regulation, we use it to build a strong body and a stronger connection with chi energy; includes the popular Hyper-Throw technique as well as Warrior’s 9 Breath Method.

Instructor is certified to teach these techniques safely and has been sharing them for almost two decades.

NON-REFUNDABLE You are responsible for scheduling and attending class on time.

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