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Teach yourself the basics managing your own training and schedule. Refer back to lessons already learned. Learn a variety of Qigong and Tai Chi: Qigong information, breath work, exercises, meditations; Tai Chi 1, Tai Chi 2, Traditional Sun 73 Tai Chi. All for just:

$7.99/month for UNLIMITED video access!

Why: Because you deserve to tap into the healing power within you to feel and perform your best! 24 hour convenient access in easy to understand and follow tai chi and Qi gong lessons presented in the acclaimed StepWise Progressive Teaching Method making tai chi as simple as possible to learn. Presented in an easy to follow format from a professional certified, licensed instructor and SiFu. These convenient lessons are more affordable than a tank of gas but keep your mindbody running like a well maintained classic vehicle. Growing library of information and healing techniques you want WHEN you want them. Empower your life by being your own inner physician: grow your knowledge/practice and grow yourself.

Already Includes: * Tai Chi 1 - details of every move in sequence

* Tai Chi (for Arthritis) part 2 - over 25 videos of detailed instruction

* Qi Gong Informational videos including What is Healthy Breathing?

* Basic Qi Gong Breath Work Practices like Xi Xi Hu; including Core Strengthening Breath Work

* Moving Qi Gong Practices including * Pieces of Brocade, Circling, Corrective Exercises and more

* Soon to be added to your library: QiGong Healing Forms #1 & #2 from Supreme Science Qigong; Qigong Meditations like Micro Cosmic Orbit Meditation combining visualization and breath work.

* Renews automatically each month for ease; cancel or suspend your crazy cheap monthly subscription at any time. (or you could just send 7.99 my way each month to help support the spread of Qi gong and tai chi ;) You are what makes the difference. So take charge of your health and commit to a daily self-care practice routine so you feel and function optimally while staying centered, focused and calm.

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